How B2B Sales Have Changed During COVID-19

COVID-19 has destroyed lives and livelihoods around the world. As we await the full implications of the pandemic, its obvious that the economic impact is dire for many businesses. B2B buyers and sellers have started to interact differently, with the savvy operators leading the way in adapting to what is the new normal. The Losers: […]

How to Invest In A Business and Raise Capital

Private investors ask us to look for business opportunities where they can invest capital and achieve a high return on investment. Alternatively, a business owner may not be looking to sell but rather raise capital to grow – so we could be engaged by a private investor looking to invest, or a business owner looking […]

Why engage a broker to help you buy a business?

As a result of buyers regularly asking us to find businesses for them we have decided to formalise the process. Sophisticated buyers look for specific acquisition targets so in this instance we are engaged by the buyer, not the seller. There are many advantages to engaging us in an acquisition search: We identify exactly what […]

The Art Of Competing Is The Art Of Forgetting

A friend of mine lent me a book recently called Shoe Dog. It’s the story of Phil Knight, the Founder of Nike. Phil has a running background and in the book he explains competing this way: “The art of competing, I learnt from the track, is the art of forgetting. You must forget your limits. […]

Is Your Business Ready For Sale Even When You’re Not Selling?

This subject is an ongoing battle for all business owners – they are so busy running the business that tasks tend to fall through the cracks and disappear without trace. Ask yourself – if you were to sell tomorrow, is your business presented in its best light to attract buyers ? -current financials -governance and […]