The Art Of Competing Is The Art Of Forgetting

A friend of mine lent me a book recently called Shoe Dog. It’s the story of Phil Knight, the Founder of Nike. Phil has a running background and in the book he explains competing this way: “The art of competing, I learnt from the track, is the art of forgetting. You must forget your limits. […]

Is Your Business Ready For Sale Even When You’re Not Selling?

This subject is an ongoing battle for all business owners – they are so busy running the business that tasks tend to fall through the cracks and disappear without trace. Ask yourself – if you were to sell tomorrow, is your business presented in its best light to attract buyers ? -current financials -governance and […]

Three (3) Things We Can Learn From Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet enters the COVID19 cris with US$128 billion in cold, hard cash. While analysts were poking fun at the old fuddy duddy who didn;t know what he was doing, Buffet was accumulating his biggest cash war chest ever. How does he do it ? Buffet plays his own sharemarket game due to enormous reserves […]