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Buy a business

Buyers engage us to identify and approach business owners to the prospect of selling.

Sell a business

Our selling system process has guided hundreds of owners and achieved great outcomes resulting in a sale, career change, or transition to retirement.

Invest in a Business

We can help you identify business opportunities to invest capital and achieve a high return on investment.

Why do I need a broker?

Selling and buying businesses can be a very complicated and challenging process.

We have literally decades of experience and know how to match the right seller and buyer, take care of all the detail, and legally bind buyers from revealing confidential information during the sales process.

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6 Steps To Selling Your Business

There are six steps to follow as we guide you through the process (with your accountant and solicitor):

  1. Deciding To Sell (or not?)
  2. Value Your Business
  3. Appoint A Broker
  4. Preparing To Sell
  5. Have A Marketing Plan
  6. Here Come The Buyers