Sell, buy or invest in a business

Sell a Business

Selling a business can be a daunting proposition for even the seasoned business owner.

Our selling system process has guided hundreds of owners and achieved great outcomes resulting in a sale, career change, or transition to retirement.

Buy a Business

Buyers engage us to identify and approach business owners to the prospect of selling.

This strategy has many benefits for business owners wanting to sell but are reluctant to formally put the business on the market.

Invest In A Business

Private investors ask us to look for business opportunities where they can invest capital and achieve a high return on investment. This works well for the business owner and the high net worth investor in both startup opportunities and more established businesses looking to expand.

Sell A Business Referral Panel

Register your business today

We are creating referral relationships with accountants, lawyers, business advisor firms and individuals across Australia. When an introduction from a referral partner results in a sale or acquisition, Sell A Business pays a referral fee upon successful completion. We often play the sales role in businesses referred to us and refer buyers and sellers back to businesses registered on our referral panel free of charge.

Details of how to register with the Sell A Business Referral Panel are available on request.