Recreational Retail Store - First Time to Market
QLD - Brisbane North


$875,000 + SAV (Stock at Valuation)


Retail, Recreational, Outdoors





Recreational Retail Store – Brisbane North

  • Located in a Suburban Precinct (not major retail centre)
  • Good Lease Terms in Place
  • Trades 7 Days a Week
  • Owner works 2 Days a Week
  • Sales + $2.2m (sales increase in 2020, no COVID impact)
  • +$500k Return to Owner
  • Priced at $875,000 + SAV (Stock at Valuation)

This privately owned and operated retail business was established in November 2014 and has traded successfully from day 1.  Sales have grown to +$2.2m per annum with current sales to date increased again on the previous year.  The retail store is well laid out and has provided customers with a wide variety of product lines at realistic prices and exceptional customer service.  A retail point of sale system supports the business operation with sales and margin reporting. The business has excellent staff in place to support the current owner’s part-time status within the operation.

The business has fabulous street frontage and is located in a small retail precinct with easy access parking.  Attractive lease terms are in place and will be assigned to a new owner.

Further opportunities exist for a new owner to increase the business and capitalise on the large database of customers currently visiting the location each week.

Strong financial results have underpinned the business and have provided the current owners with exceptional returns since 2014.  The business is listed for sale at $875,000 plus Stock at Valuation: SAV (approx. $550k).

If you have been searching for an excellent retail business opportunity this is your chance to buy one of the best.  Please contact our Business Broker, Mark Aponas on email: or mobile: 0401 999 560 to obtain further information.

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