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COVID-19 or Poor Customer Service – Which One Came First ?

I believe many businesses are using the pandemic as an excuse for poor customer service.

Have you called your phone provider, travel company, or power company lately ? You’ll get a response something like this:

“During these unprecedented times we are experiencing high call volumes – you can stay on the line, call back later, or download the app to contact us.

At the beginning of the pandemic customers cut business some slack and understood the difficulties they were facing.

Well I’m not buying it anymore. Today my coffee machine broke down (not happy), so I took the machine into the retailer who owns the brand – they didn’t want to know.

Their solution was to send me an email of video instruction to see if I could fix it myself – that failed miserably so I called them again and they told me to put it in a box  and TNT will pick it up for repair.

TNT turn up looking for a labelled barcode that the business never mentioned, and after a third call an email with the delivery label arrived.

Sorry this is not good enough, and we shouldn’t put up with it. Alot of businesses aren’t owning the problem, they’re flipping it to us, the customer.

How’s the customer experience in your business right now ? It might be worth jumping on the phone and asking a few of them what they really think.

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