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Things that make some Business Owners more successful than others (here’s 20 things I saw recently)

Just like comparative businesses, business owners are not all the same.

Some owners have more formal education, others are more “hands on, on the job” operators.

But then some are different again.

I’ve just sold a business that the owner started from scratch. People told him he’d never do it (probably because it hadn’t been done before) – so he just went ahead and did it anyway.

By the way the business turns over about $7m a year, makes $1.5m, and carries about $1m in stock – not bad ?

Over time I’ve watched and observed and asked myself what makes this guy so successful ?

I came up with twenty (20) reasons – here they are:

  1. Extremely hard worker
  2. Respectful
  3. Good listener
  4. Hard when he needs to be
  5. You know where you stand with him
  6. No BS – if he doesn’t know something, he knows who to ask
  7. Great product knowledge
  8. Wide range of products
  9. Stick to profit margins, doesn’t play the discount game
  10. Doesn’t worry about what competitors are doing, but knows what they are doing
  11. Loyal
  12. Appreciative
  13. No excuses
  14. Always finds a solution
  15. Does what he says he’ll do
  16. Doesn’t gossip or talk about others – no time
  17. Will do ANYTHING for loyal customers
  18. Keeps the process simple and repeats it over and over again
  19. Consistency
  20. Is harder on himself than anyone else

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