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You’re Fired !!!

Firing people is a neglected art in most organizations – its unpleasant, but it really needs to be done.
Keeping people who are not performing is unfair on other staff and the person involved. Leaders often duck this duty but they are penalizing the able by holding onto the inept.
It doesn’t need to be needlessly cruel – figure out a genuine reason why its time to part ways, and enable them to keep their dignity and ego intact.
A good way to access how your organisation handles firing staff, is to ask the question ‘How many people have you fired ?”. If you agonize for days about making a call on someone your probably more one of the team than their leader. A true leader backs their gut feeling that someone is wrong for the job, fires them, then suffers a sleepless night or two. But the whole organization, including the person moving on, is strengthened if the decision is right.
How do you handle these situations in your business ?

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