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COVID 19: Small Business Recovery And Beyond with John Rigby

I travelled for the first time this week since the start of the pandemic.

I struck up a conversation in the Qantas Lounge with a business owner in the textile industry. He told me about a workbook produced by Deloitte Private detailing a roadmap out of COVID for small business.

I got hold of a copy – Well done Deloitte Private !!!

The workbook details (6) six strategies small business owners should be working on now as we recover from COVID-19 and re-open.

The three (3) phases are:

  1. Respond – dealing with the present and managing continuity
  2. Recover – learn and emerge stronger
  3. Thrive – prepare for success in the “new normal”


You apply these three phases to the six (6) strategies Deloitte Private discusses in the workbook:


  1. Understanding your customer’s needs :
  • Are your customers aware of the impacts to your business ?
  • Are you aware of the impacts to your customers ?
  • Are you aware of how this effects your business ?


2. Getting your cashflow is in order:

  • Do you have a sound understanding of where things are at ?
  • What’s your business level of liquidity right now ?
  • How is this likely to change in the immediate future ?


   3. Re-organising your supply chain:

  • What’s your suppliers situation right now ?
  • Do you really understand your supply operations ?
  • What is your business’ working capital/inventory position ?


   4. Rethinking your workforce:

  • How has workforce capability been affected ?
  • How has the way people work been impacted across the business ?
  • Do you have an open communication policy with employees re-opening after COVID-19 ?


   5.  Digitally enabling your business

  • how can your business enable digital ways of working ?
  • what security risks do you need to consider ?
  • how can you optimise your digital platform to sustain your business ?
  • how can your business enable seamless digital processes ?


   6. What’s changed in your workplace ?

  • do your workplace practices align with public health directives to protect customers and employees ?
  • what are your updated legal and compliance obligations ?
  • do you need to update your business travel policy ?

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