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How to Invest In A Business and Raise Capital

Private investors ask us to look for business opportunities where they can invest capital and achieve a high return on investment. Alternatively, a business owner may not be looking to sell but rather raise capital to grow – so we could be engaged by a private investor looking to invest, or a business owner looking to raise capital. This can work well for the business owner and the high net worth investor in both startup opportunities and more established businesses looking to expand dependent on the appetite for risk and return.


Private Investors

This group are interested in finding businesses to invest in that offer better returns than property, the stockmarket, and more passive investments. We treat them in a similar way to people looking to buy a business but with some variances as they are looking to invest and not work in or own the business outright.

The Sell A Business ‘Private Investor’ service looks at:

  • Industry sectors and geographic locations where they are prepared to invest
  • Pricing and amount of capital they are looking to invest
  • Desired percentage % equity in a business after investment
  • The investor’s appetite for weighing risk and returns
  • Decide whether the investor’s role will be active, passive, financial, or strategic.


Business Owners Looking To Raise Capital

Business owners often look at ways to borrow or raise capital to grow and add value to the business. We help these owners create a clear vision of what they are looking to achieve and formulate a plan to make it happen.

The Sell A Business ‘Capital Raising’ service looks at:

  • Where the business is now, where it can go, and how long will it take to get to where it wants to go
  • Identify what resources are required – money, technology, people, management
  • Risk and reward outcomes  for the business owner resulting from private investment
  • Decide how much money is required in total
  • Assess the value of the business after a successful capital raising, desired growth plans have been executed, and the percentage % share of the business owned by investors


(Costs associated with engaging Sell A Business for both services are available on request)

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